What is a Webinar?
A webinar is an online seminar (delivered via the internet).
What does the webinar registration fee include?

One computer login and password to logon to the webinar;

A telephone number to access the audio portion of the webinar, or you can use Voice Over IP (VOIP) connecting your computer or tablet.

Presentation materials and supplements that can be duplicated for webinar participants.

How long do the webinars last?
SanctionsAlert.com webinars are one hour and fifteen minutes long, unless otherwise indicated.
How do I register for a webinar?
When you register for a webinar, fill in the online registration form and use your credit card to pay. If your registration went through, you will receive a confirmation message with complete instructions for how to participate in the webinar you have selected, plus the receipt. You can also download the fax registration form on the registration page of the webinar and submit it by fax to 305 647 6579 or scan it and send it to helpdesk@sanctionsalert.com.
Can I attend the webinar using my tablet?

Yes, mobile phone and tablet access is supported. You need to download the Gotowebinar app from Citrix.


In the log-in instructions for the webinar, we provide a number to use in the app.

SanctionsAlert.com Member-Only Live Webinar Pre-Registration

All SanctionsAlert.com members get free access to our live webinars. Log in-instructions are emailed several days before the webinar. However, as a SanctionsAlert.com member you can also pre-register for upcoming webinars.
Pre-registration is optional. Registering in advance will help you to identify the training sessions not to miss. It will also ensure you reserve your place within your chosen sessions. Once you are registered click the calendar Icon so you can save the login instructions to your calendar. You can pre-register here: https://sanctionsalert.com/resources-2/live-webinar-pre-registration/

Where can I find audio help when attending a webinar?

VoIP users: A dial-up Internet connection can cause poor performance. For optimum performance when using VoIP, we recommend a broadband Internet connection. If the problem persists, switch to telephone. The number was provided in your confirmation email. Or: Select “Use Telephone” in the Audio pane (in your control panel in the webinar) and you will see a list of numbers to dial in to the webinar.


Can we get Certificates of Attendance?
Yes, a few days after the webinar you will receive a Certificate of Attendance. If you need more than one Certificate, please send us a list with names and email addresses of the people who also need the Certificate. We provide UNLIMITED free Certificates of Attendance.
I need a receipt. Can you send it to me?
After your registration you will receive an email confirmation with your receipt.
This is the first time I attend. How can I test if the software works?
Firms often have firewalls. We recommend you do a test. The confirmation email with log-in instructions includes a link download the software and test it. This takes just a few minutes. We use gotowebinar (Citrix) for our webinars.
What materials do I get?
One day prior to the webinar an email will be sent to you with instructions on how to access the webinar and where to download the presentation slides and other materials. Contact our helpdesk at helpdesk@sanctionsalert.com if you have any further questions.
Can we ask questions during the webinar?
Yes. You can submit your questions throughout the webinar via the chat function.
All webinars are recorded. However, if registered for just one webinar, you will not receive the recording. Webinar recordings are only available for our SanctionsAlert.com subscribers. If you are interested in becoming a member, contact us at helpdesk@sanctionsalert.com.
Payment options
When you sign up for just one webinar, you can only register online, and we only accept credit card payments. When you subscribe to the SanctionsAlert.com membership, we accept check payments, credit card payments, and we can also take your payment by phone.
Membership in SanctionsAlert.com

By becoming a member of SanctionsAlert.com, you can attend all live webinars and get access to the on-demand webinars, as well. For more information, see: https://sanctionsalert.com/membership/membership/

Multiple attendees
The webinar fee is for a single dial-in location, but many companies have several people, all sitting in one conference room, listening at once via speakerphone. Attendees with attendees in multiple physical locations (dial ins) must register each location. Discounts are available for 3 or more lines. Contact our helpdesk at helpdesk@sanctionsalert.com.
Speaking at a webinar
SanctionsAlert.com offers a robust schedule of webinars. As we look to expand the range and breadth of programming, who better to learn from than the industry experts? Whatever your line of business, attorney, compliance officer, legal counsel, consultant, regulator, or law enforcement, you have a lot of expertise to share with attendees that will help them do their work better, smarter, faster. Contact us at helpdesk@sanctionsalert.com to submit your topic and bio, please.
Sponsoring a webinar
SanctionsAlert.com can help you in several ways to expand your markets and increase sales. We put you in direct contact with sanctions compliance officers and supervisors worldwide so you may offer your services and products directly. Our advertising and sponsorship opportunities at our conference, website, webinars and email and social media marketing are uniquely focused on sanctions compliance and the targeted audience that follows us. Our webinars routinely attract from about 600 registered attendees. For more information: https://sanctionsalert.com/affiliate-membershipsponsorship/

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