Former Chief of Money Laundering Unit
New York State Office of the Attorney General

Meryl has been the Chief of both the Money Laundering Unit of the New York State Attorney General’s Office and the New York State Crime Proceeds Strike Force since 2004. These units investigate and prosecute money laundering and its associated criminal conduct, as well as violations of the Banking and Tax laws. To investigate these complex crimes more effectively and creatively, Meryl has assembled a task force consisting of federal and state prosecutors, law enforcement officers, and regulators. Meryl has jurisdiction to investigate and prosecute crimes throughout New York State. Because these investigations often extend to other states and countries, Meryl has developed key partnerships with many other jurisdictions, working with them to investigate and prosecute these mobile and multifaceted criminal enterprises.

Among other cases, Meryl has recently investigated several multi-state fraud rings whose crimes included identity theft, money laundering, credit card fraud, bank fraud, and wire fraud. More than forty individuals, including lawyers, mortgage brokers, money transmitters, and bank branch managers and other officials, have been indicted.