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Evolving policies and cutting edge multinational initiatives precipitate new challenges for sanctions and trade controls compliance on a weekly basis. These rapid developments affect all financial institutions, corporations across industries, charitable organizations as well as their lawyers, consultants and business advisors alike. The sanctions regimes of the United States, the European Union and the United Nations impose a myriad of complex compliance duties. No account or asset, business or financial transaction, nor foreign representative is beyond the scope of these laws, rules and requirements. Non compliance with sanctions or trade controls duties is simply not an option. delivers big-picture perspective on top of sector-specific training.


Changing economic sanctions cause uncertainty, risks and varying penalties. As new sanctions restrictions are imposed and lifted, this fluid field brings greater uncertainty.

Distilling essential information and adapting it to the specific needs of each business is no easy task. At any given time, the US has more than two-dozen currently active sanctions programs! Moreover, sanctions are rarely identical and differ from program to program and country to country. To grasp the intricacies of these varying sanctions regimes, compliance officers and general counsels face a daily and ever-growing challenge. Webinar Series assists you in meeting your compliance duties. The webinar series works together with top experts who are here to guide you on how to stay fully compliant no matter where your firm, institution or company operates and with whom you do business. covers more than OFAC

Our webinars and resources guide you through the roles different government agencies and international organizations play in sanctions regulation and programs, as well as how these regulations are enforced, and what is required by each.

Do you know:

  • What the US Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) does and how you must comply with its requirements?
  • What BIS’s Office of Export Enforcement does and the range of its criminal enforcement powers?
  • What the new UK Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation (OFSI) does and how it may affect your international operations?
  • How economic sanctions of the United Nations work and affect your operations?
  • What the “Special Measures” of the US Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) require of you and what noncompliance consequences you can face?
  • What the sanctions of the US State Department’s Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) require of you and what noncompliance consequences you can face?

With, you will always know what is required and never have to wonder whether you are fully compliant.

Benefits of becoming a member: Membership includes access to 12 live webinars per year, PLUS our webinar archive, currently consisting of over 20+ courses full of real-life lessons and examples, both of which you can watch and absorb at your own convenience. Your membership also includes access to our growing and unique premium resources, such as:


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Our speakers are world authorities on economic sanctions and provide real world tips and techniques that your team can immediately apply to challenges faced in their everyday jobs.

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Not everyone can attend industry conferences. With webinars, everyone on the team will be able to participate in ongoing learning and meet sanctions training requirements mandated by regulators and government agencies.

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Trying to coordinate expert training to suite very team member’s schedule can be difficult and costly. webinars are an extremely cost-effective alternative to expensive conferences and training sessions.

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Members have access to the recordings of the web seminars, allowing your team to receive training at their convenience.Watch and absorb essential training at your own pace.

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You can stream webinars on virtually any internet ready device. If you can watch Netflix on it, you can take our sanctions compliance training on it as well!

Premium resources

Members get access to a unique premium resource built by a searchable database of 900+ OFAC enforcement actions, across industries, with access to the PDFs of settlement letters.

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Full access to all live webinars for the next 12 months. Live webinars include audience polls and allow ample time for Q&A. See schedule here.

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Full access to’s growing library of on-demand webinars. To see list of on-demand webinars click here.

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Access to course syllabus,quizzesto measure your knowledge retention, and bonus materials including cited court cases, sample spreadsheets, and reports;

Learning Management System uses an intuitive interface that is fully responsive, built using powerful and flexible technology. The LMS supports 22 languages and is mobile enabled which allows learners to learn anytime, anywhere on any device.

Certificates of Attendance

After completing the webinar, members can download the Certificate of Attendance from the Learning Management System to demonstrate training to auditors and regulators.

Database of OFAC Enforcement Actions

Get access to a unique premium resource: a searchable database of 900+ OFAC enforcement actions, imposed by OFAC as of 2003, across industries, with access to the PDFs of settlement or assessment letters.

$1095 per year for the first user. Sign up multiple team members and receive a discount.

Don’t miss this great chance to improve your compliance skills in one of the hottest topics of financial regulation facing businesses today! It may be your best training and compliance decision of 2018!

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