Custom Training designs and implements vital global export control and sanctions compliance training.

Custom training programs, developed and conducted by a team of compliance experts, are designed to specifically address your company’s unique needs—from general sanctions compliance and OFAC training to particular economic sanctions risks and beyond.

This highly-flexible training is built to your requirements for compliance education. experts work with your compliance team to identify its educational goals, then create a tailored curriculum that will help you achieve them.

We use a suite of different delivery methods including live, virtual classroom, on-demand, self-paced and face-to-face training.

We have a full-blown and easy to use Learning Management system that tracks the training taken by learner, team, or across departments.

10 Key features and benefits

  1. Delivered online or in person to meet your needs
  2. Create a training environment based on third-party objectivity
  3. Robust tracking and reporting capabilities
  4. Induction or refresher training
  5. Case-based
  6. Multiple languages
  7. Help demonstrate your company’s commitment to creating a firm-wide culture of compliance
  8. Meet shorter deadlines and focus on specific compliance deficiencies
  9. Certificates of Completion and quizzes
  10. Fulfill Annual Compliance and OFAC/sanctions training requirements

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