2018 UN Meeting

Informal Meeting on Financial Sector Implementation of United Nations Sanctions, supported by Sanctions Alert

United Nations Headquarters

April 13, 2018

New York, NY

All those who contributed to the April 13, 2018 Informal Meeting on Financial Sector Implementation of United Nations Sanctions, supported by Sanctions Alert: Thank you for all your excellent work!

It is fair to conclude that this first Meeting was a great success! Sanctions professionalsfrom both the United Nations Security Council, and the financial sector have contributed in many ways to turn this event into a smoothly running meeting with very interesting presentations and a very good atmosphere for discussion and networking.

Sanctions Alert owes much gratitude to the United Nations Security Council Affairs Division (SCAD) for hosting the event in the UN Headquarters in New York, giving structure to the program, and bringing in UN Security Sanctions Experts from around the world, including the following teams and panels:

  • Somalia/Eritrea Monitoring Group
  • Analytical Support and Sanctions Monitoring Group, and
  • Panels of Experts on
    • Yemen
    • South Sudan
    • DPRK and
    • Libya

From the private sector, the following institutions participated:

  • AFEX
  • American Express
  • AML Analytics
  • AXA Group
  • Bank of China USA
  • CIBC
  • Citigroup
  • European Commission
  • European External Action Service
  • HSBC
  • Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies
  • Lexis Nexis
  • Rabobank
  • Sanctions Alert
  • SocietéGénérale
  • Standard Chartered
  • Scotiabank
  • TD Bank
  • Wells Fargo
  • Western Union

The meeting included many fruitful discussions and interaction on

  • Innovative partnerships for effective implementation of UN sanctions;
  • issues, challenges and best practices related to private sector implementation of the Consolidated UN Security Council Sanctions List;
  • A proposal for an annual UN sanctions symposium for the private sector.

“This was a great meeting” many of you have said to me. Thank you for being so positive!

We will keep you posted on follow up steps and future private-public sector outreach events on international sanctions.

If you wish to be considered to participate in future meetings such as this UN Meeting, please contact us.

Saskia Rietbroek


Sanctions Alert