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The Complexities of Dealing with Iranian Business Counterparts – Tips and Practicalities

January 8, 2018

Since the implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or JCPOA, in early 2016, the international community’s plan to slowly ease sanctions against Iran has led to banks and financial institutions becoming increasingly unsure about which transactions are allowed and which are still too risky to undertake. As such, compliance officers and other professionals have had to navigate extremely treacherous waters. read more…

Wake Up To Sanctions Sanctions Round Up
December 28, 2017

UK Parliament Publishes Report on Potential Compliance Impact of ‘Post-Brexit’ Sanctions

On December 17, the UK Parliament’s European Union External Affairs Sub-Committee published a report on British sanctions policy, including the likely legislative framework for sanctions in a post-Brexit Britain. Deeply buried inside the 50-page report is a section with useful information for sanctions compliance professionals who may wonder to what extent businesses operating in the UK will be affected by any Brexit-inspired changes. read more… Member Profile – Debra Geister: Entering the Sanctions Field With An Operational Background

December 22, 2017

The issue of OFAC/sanctions compliance cuts to the root of concerns among compliance officers at corporations and financial institutions doing business internationally.

The increasingly complex nature of sanctions programs has led to the need for qualified persons equipped with the knowledge to tackle the day-to-day compliance and operational duties brought on by the ever-changing rules that govern sanctions policy.

In order to gauge a real-life perspective of those in the business, has taken the time to ask sanctions professionals what they think is the best way of breaking into the sanctions field and how they see the future of the sanctions industry unfolding.

read more…

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“Great coverage of information”

Cathy Swindell-Smith, Wells Fargo — Charlotte, NC, USA

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Nicolette Douglas, Axa Equitable Life Insurance Company — New York, NY, USA

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Susan Wilson, RBC — Toronto, Canada

“Both speakers were exceptionally knowledgeable and provided practical information regarding the sanctions changes”

Adam Hermes, Comerico Bank — Livonia, USA

“Timely topic, detailed, knowledgeable speakers”

Mary Flanagan, Regions Bank — Birmingham, AL, USA

“Expert, knowledgeable speakers made for a very informative and engaging session.”

Sara Romana — Comerico Bank

“Informative and presenters did well”

Vanessa Rich, Exterran — Houston, Texas

“Very relevant and practical items”

Christian Velasquez, Payoneer — New York, NY, USA



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