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photogeisterDebra Geister
Section 2 Financial Intelligence Solutions, LLC
320-905-4484 Mobile

Ms. Geister has spent 15 years in a leadership role in banking compliance and in a vendor capacity. She currently works as Manager of Section 2 Financial Intelligence Solutions, LLC. Her team identifies and implements effective detection process and systems and other opportunities for effective, improved business process through convergence, improved investigation practices, typology management and similar areas.

In addition, the teams Ms. Geister employs leverage her success in consumer-focused product building and management by helping companies build effective products for the Financial Services sector. Ms. Geister spent three years as Senior Vice President, leading the combined Fraud and Bank Secrecy Act Unit at a Financial Institution. She also spent 15 years in Consulting, Operations and Product Management for Wolters-Kluwer Financial Services and LexisNexis Risk Solutions.